Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome Kaye Manro

Hello all! I'd like to introduce to you Red Rose Publishing's newest Science Fiction Romance author, my friend, KAYE MANRO.

Her latest book, FORBIDDEN LOVE,  tell sthe story of a sexy alien who accidentally crash lands his spacecraft into the desert region of the planet, Terrain, he's been studying. A female named Maya rescues him and takes the unconscious T'Kon to her desert home to render aid. They fall into a steamy passion and cannot resist the ensuing illicit affair. However, T'Kon must return home to his planet. Maya begs T'Kon to take her with him. He is torn between his duty and the newfound love. Will T'kon allow her to accompany him or will he leave her behind?

I will bring you all the latest news on the author of this incredible story and updates on the release date as soon as I can.

FORBIDDEN LOVE at Red Rose Publishing

Until then...good reading,


Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Another Blogger

I have spent so much time working on other people's designs and such, I've hardly had time to post anything myself. Acually, this blog was created to give me the feel of blogging and to answer others questions about it. Most whom I started out helping have learned about as much as me now. But I will try to post more often, and answer questions new bloggers may have about tech stuff.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

And here too.
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I need some space filler here.

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Need to Practice

I created this blog because I needed to practice my HTML coding.

What I'm Doing Now...

This is the place I want to link to the second post.What I'm Doind Now...